Friday, July 15, 2011

A waterfront story

There was once a cheerful, dreamy, shiny young cleat named Sonny.

Sonny dreamed of leaving his post on the dock and having great adventures. He dreamed of climbing up the luminous red steps, just to see where they would lead -

- or even, some day, flying.

You'll do no such thing! said his mother when she caught Sonny journalling one day. No son of mine is going to go gallavanting all over the blessed countryside. You'll stay right where you are young man.

Sonny was very sad. But his friend, Nino Jr, who lived behind the restaurant, wouldn't let him give up.

You've gotta do it, Sonny! You've just gotta! said Nino Jr.

Sonny took a long last look at the bay which had been his home for so long. He gathered up all of his courage, and readied himself for something big.

And some evenings, if you look real hard, you can just make him out in the sky - a dash of bright yellow, against all that blue.

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